Skull & Shackles - Slug style

Catching up :: 012914

Much has happened in the previous months for the crew of the Left Hand of Besmara. Their previous captain, Evian Likethewater, was killed in a smoldering wreckage in Port Peril. His first mate, Khaldur Maul, was also killed. Control of the Left Hand was left to Free Captain Pharis, who had just lost half of the leadership of the Left Hand.

A brief overview of events since:

- Pharis contracted Gnorman Callus of Ballistria Barro to revamp the Left Hand’s armaments, including the glorious Dragon’s Maw cannon
- The Left Hand freed a group of prisoners from the Port Peril prison, including a druid, a Stryx warrior, and an old friend – Pierce Fruitypants McUseless
- With an untested crew with only weeks to train, the Left Hand headed to – and was victorious in – the Shackles regatta
- Victory at the regatta granted title of the Isle of Empty Eyes, a land which has proved notoriously difficult to tame
- The crew of the Left Hand has spent the last 12 weeks taming the land and dealing with potential threats

After taking the crew on a quick plundering mission to raise morale before the inspection by the Master of Gales, Pharis’ fort, crew, and island was subjected to scrutiny:

- Pharis led an uneasy tour of the fort for the visiting Pirate Council members, during which Avamere of the Bloodmoon tested Vekeros’ skills as a siege operator – sacrificing a member of his own crew in the process.
- During an argument over loyalty vs piracy, Vekeros was challenged to combat by Avamere, but was backed down by Pharis
- A feast was held, with Gnorman schmoozing the visiting Free Captain’s, especially the mysterious captain of the Wavecrest.
- An inebriated(severely, perhaps dangerously so, in fact – KB) Lady Bloodmourn challenged Pharis to a duel, which she won handedly, then challenged Gnorman to a duel, which she won handedly; she finally challenged Vekeros, who proved more than a match, both in dueling and in lovemaking
- The kitchen at the feasting hall became overrun by plague-infested rats; Pharis and Gnorman used some quick evocation magic to deal with it, but upon inspection found evidence of foul play – someone was trying to destroy the Left Hand’s efforts on the Isle of Empty Eyes

As the morning drew near, and the pirates had gone to their quarters to sleep off the night’s festivities, Pharis sat wide awake, pondering his impending fate…



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