Skull & Shackles - Slug style

Session X+1

Senghor Nights
Rejuvenated after four days of rest and jubilation(the most this crew has seen in some time – KB), the crew of the Falling Leaf prepared to set sail for the Shackles. Too bad for them, the Chelaxian navy had wind of pirates in Senghor, and was waiting at the mouth of the Bay of Senghor, blocking their exit. Evian, high off a string of victories, struck out to infiltrate the ship – alone – and free the Falling Leaf from the pirate hunting vessel. A potion, a hefty axe, and a powder keg were all it took to sink the ship to the bottom of the Bay of Senghor. Evian was blown away from the wreckage, landing in the nearby jungle in the Kavaa Lands. Pharis charged into the jungle and retrieved the heroic captain, both barely making it back to the fleeing Falling Leaf.

Fevered Retreat
The crew put out into the Fever Sea, with a new destination in mind – the storied Tidewater Rock. On it lay Tidewater Keep, a bastion which, if rumor was to be believed, had never successfully been assaulted. At dusk that day, a ship was sighted riding the horizon – but quickly disappeared. That night an eerie fog descended over the boat. The next night, a ghostly whaler was seen chasing the Falling Leaf through the same fog. The Falling Leaf almost evaded the ship, until the ghost ship sunk into the waves, then burst out of the water directly in front of the stunned crew. Undead creatures boarded the Leaf, but the living crew prevailed. The ghost ship faded into the night, and all went to rest.



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