Skull & Shackles - Slug style


Groundhog Day
The next couple of nights passed uneventfully, but soon the evil fog returned. Whalebone Pilk and his fell crew had not yet returned, and the crew sighed relief as Tidewater Rock came into view. Evian began to plan his assault – in plain view of the defenders of Tidewater Keep – with the intention of striking out at nightfall. However, that very night, Whalebone Pilk returned to haunt the crew. This time, the crew succeeded in destroying the ship’s woeful bell, and its host with it, but took heavy losses. Captain Evian nearly drowned, and Caldur lost the use of his favored arm. Caldur sought the Witch, who bonded a gorilla arm to his tattered stump. The arm did not take, and Evian was forced to improvise, replacing the gorilla bones with the arm bones of the recently slain Whalebone Pilk. The crew nursed their wounds, and limped onward toward Tidewater Rock.

A Match Made In…
Evian put in at the “hidden” cove behind Tidewater Rock, and marched directly to the door of the keep. He demanded to parley with the lord there, and was welcomed under the condition that he provide a hostage. Caldur volunteered, and was stripped, manacled, and led away. Evian leveled with Agasta Smithy, the Lady of Tidewater Keep: he wanted use of the strategic position, in exchange for the use of his ship and crew. During the Parley, Caldur’s cursed arm assumed control of his body, and he broke from containment. Though he was quickly slain, he managed to nearly kill the Sergeant At Arms of Tidewater Keep. Evian managed to charm the Lady, using the tales of the crews various debacles, and it turned out The Lady had heard of Evian and the escapades of the Falling Leaf, and his blood feud with Free Captain Barnabus Harrigan. She had some apparent discord with Harrigan, and agreed to a temporary marriage with Evian to share resources.



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