Codex of Laws

Codex of Laws
0a. Ship: The Left Hand of Besmara
0b. Captain: Free Captain Phariscynleth

The following bylaws apply to each person,excepting the Captain, as named in section 0b., in physical contact with ‘the ship’, as defined in title section 0a, who is not a lawful combatant, member of a port official, or member of a foreign government.
Persons covered by a foreign system of laws may choose to wave their rights, and abide by this codex while on ‘the ship’. Any such person will gain all rights and protections of, and be subject to all punishments, fines, and other restrictions pursuant to this code of laws. This code of laws may only be altered or suspended temporarily under right of parley, or permanently, and at any time, without notice, by the ship’s Captain, named in section 0b.

Definition of Legal Parties
1. Any party(any person, group, or intelligent creatrue) present on this ship must have the permission of the Captain, an Officer of the ship, or be under the authority of a local government for which the Captain has agreed to abide by the local laws of. These parties fall under three categories: Crew, Officers, and third parties.
a. Crew: Crew are free men, who have been legally chosen and recruited by either the Captain, or a quorom of at least 2 Officers of the ship. Laws governing ship’s Crew are further defined in section 2.
b. Officers: Officers are members of the Crew chosen by the Captain to assume authority over Crew as defined in section 1a.
c. A third party is any person not defined by section 1a or 1b.

2. The following laws define the rules for proper behavior, and punishments for any member of the Crew of the ship. Punishment will be enforced during the last hour of daylight each day, but punishments may be enforced immediately, or at any other time, at the discretion of the Captain.
a. While on the ship and/or in the employ of the ship and the Captain, Crew are to abide by all ship’s laws, the word of the Captain, and the word of all legal Officers of the ship; this Codex of laws supercedes all local laws where applicable and/or possible
b. Crew are allowed leave from the ship only during any period of time defined by the Captain; Crew are bound by any local laws during shore leave, and are subject to any punishments, and responsible for any fees or fines incurred from violating said laws
c. Any Crew member found delinquent of duty, truant from the ship without leave, or ignoring any order of the Captain or any ship’s Officer will receive a punishment of ten lashes
d. Any act, by ignorance or intent, by any Crew member which jeapordizes the safety of other crew, the ship, the Captain, or any ship’s Officer will result in a punishment of thirty lashes
e. Any act which countermands the orders of the Captain or a ship’s Officer, or interferes with the stated mission, charter, or work of the Captain, a ship’s Officers, or their agents will results in a punishment of fifteen lashes
f. Any act of thievery or violence against another Crew member, the Captain, a ship’s Officer, or a protected third party abiding by this Codex of Laws, up to but not including murder, dismemberment, or permanent injurt is subject to forty lashes and immediate dismissal from the service of the ship and the Captain
g. Any act of desertion or violence against another Crew member, the Captain, a ship’s Officer, or a protected third party abiding by this Codex of Laws, which results in death, dismemberment, or permanent injurt is subject to either of death by keelhaul, walking the plank, hanging, or a punishment otherwise defined by the Captain, at his or her sole discretion
h. Any act which results in consequences for the ship, the Captain, the ship’s Officers, or a member of the Crew from a third party who is not a Lawful Combatant will result in payment of all fees, fines, and other punishments pursuant to local law of said party, and/or thirty lashes and immediate dismissal from the service of the Captain and the ship, at the Captain’s sole discretion
i. Any protest of any of the punishments defined in Section 2 by any Crew will result in enforcement of the original punishment plus ten lashes
j. Any Crew who fails to defend the ship, their fellow Crew, their Officers, and especially their Captain, is guilty of cowardice and treason, and may be subject to immediate corporal punishment, including hanging, death by keelhaul, or any other punishment as defined by the Captain

3. Officers of the ship are bound by all laws in this Codex, and treated as Crew for all parts of Section 2, except as defined below
a. An Officer is only bound by the orders of the Captain, and not specifically bound by the orders of any other Officer on the ship, except as defined by the Captain
b. Officers in violation of Sections 2c, 2d, or 2e are entitled to formally Protest said punishment, in writing, or in the privacy of a formal meeting with the Captain, up to one day before the scheduled enforcement of said punishment; the Captain has all right to waive or ignore any such plea at his sole discretion
c. An Officer may leave the ship at any time, except where otherwise prohibited by the Captain; should the ship disembark before the Officer returns, the Officer immediately forfeits his or her position on the ship

Third Parties
4. Any other party not covered by the laws governing Crew or Officers are subject to the following laws while on the ship
a. Any local official, port authority, or otherwise legally endowed party whose laws the Captain has agreed to abide by is to be treated with all due respect as granted under right of Parley
b. Any creature bound by slavery, oath, warrant, lien, or other such restriction that agrees to abide by this Codex of Laws immediately assumes the rights defined herein and is to be treated with all rights of a member of the Crew, excepting those of pay and free lodging, until such time as these rights are rescinded by the Captain, or such creature departs from the ship
c. Any creature which has shown intention, clear or otherwise, to do harm to the ship, the Captain, a ship’s Officer, a member of the Crew, or any portion of their possessions or the ship’s Cargo, or any creature otherwise defined by the Captain or a ship’s Officer, is considered a Lawful Combatant until such creature is dead, disabled, unconscious, or granted right of Parley by the Captain or a ship’s Officer; a Lawful Combatant may be incapacitated, harmed, or killed by any member of the Crew with any degree of force necessary to protect the ship, its Crew, its Officers, its cargo and possessions, and the Captain
d. A third party is entitled to the right of Parley, a formal meeting to discuss terms of surrender, combat, trade, or any other such agreement; Parley entitles the party to safe passage while aboard the ship, until the terms of the Parley have expired; he party waives the right to Parley following any attempt or act of harm against the ship, its Crew, its Officers, or the Captain, at which time the party becomes a Lawful Combatant as defined in Section 3c
e. Any party defined as a Lawful Combatant that has been incapacitated is considered a Prisoner, until such time as the party is released or ransomed by the Captain; a Prisoner shall be entitled to the minimum of sustenance required to maintain the Prisoner’s body, and freedom from ill treatment, except where these rights are rescinded at the Captain’s sole discretion, a Prisoner who resumes his or her role as a Lawful Combatant waives their rights as a Prisoner
Compensation, Promotion, and Merit
5. All members of the Crew in good standing are entitled to compensation, except as otherwise noted, as follows
a. Each Crew member is entitled to a minimum wage of 1 silver piece per day, regardless of position, unless otherwise defined by the Captain, food and lodging at the expense of the Captain for the duration of their tenure aboard the ship, and 1 drink token redeemable at the Galley per week
b. Each Crew unit is overseen by a Crew Leader, who is entitled to a wage as defined by their position, and shall report to their respective Officer on a weekly basis, and in the event of any casualty or circumstance which interferes with their duties
c. Any Crew position on the ship, excepting that of a ship’s Officer, or the Captain, may be acquired through the right of Challenge; any member of the Crew may Challenge another member of the Crew to an appropriate contest, as defined by the Captain or a ship’s Officer, for their position; if the Challenger succeeds, they assume the new duties and pay immediately, and the loser assumes the duties and pay of the Challenger; a Challenge may be issued at any time, and contests will take place on the last day of every week, unless otherwise suspended by the Captain
d. An Officer may not be challenged for their position, but instead may be demoted from, or promoted to, this position at any time by the Captain on basis of personal merit; the Officer immediately assumes all duties and pay of their new position, and the demoted Officer immediately assumes all duties and pay of their new position as defined by the Captain
e. Each member of the Crew is bound to the employ of the Ship and the Captain for a minimum of six months and a day from the day they sign this document, during which time they are entitled to compensation, at the expense of the ship and the Captain as defined in Section 2a; a Crew member who deserts before this minimum period is subject to punishment pursuant to Section 2g and/or repayment of all wages, the price of lodging at 1 silver piece per day, and food at the price of one half silver piece per day for each day aboard the ship; this debt is non-negotiable, supercedes all other debts, and passes to the deserters next of kin upon death
f. A Crew member may waive their weekly wage to receive a share of treasure any time plunder is sold and/or converted to a liquid currency; each Crew member is entitled to a minimum of one share of .1% of all such conversaions; Crew members may receive additional shares upon promotion; Crew are not entitled to shares of treasure during trade transactions, or during conversion between unlike currencies, or any other transaction of the ship, its Officers, or the Captain
g. Officers waive their right to weekly wage upon acceptance of the position of Officer; instead, Officers are entitled to a share of all treasure sold according to the Captain’s Dispensation Plan, to be determined by the Captain at the time of trade

Codex of Laws

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