Skull & Shackles - Slug style


Lord of Tidewater Rock
With the marriage contract signed(not in blood, for once -KB), Evian, Caldur, Pharis, and the crew of the Falling Leaf were soon ‘motivated’ by Lady Smythee to seek fortune on the seas. Inspired by tales Evian’s tales of daring-do, Smythee’s son Martis sought to come along. Lady Smythee gave her grudging ascent, and sent three Tidewater Guards along to protect him.

Fucking Fishmen
Evian’s first test of fatherhood came immediately after. Martis had forgotten his sword, and had chosen an unfortunate time to retrieve it – the ever present Sahuagin had chosen this very moment to attack Tidewater rock. The crew barely beat back the vicious fishmen, though they left Tidewater Cove with a shark infestation(which came back to bite Kaeldur in the ass! – KB).

Lady of Storms
The crew assessed the damage from the Sahaugin invasion, finding that Tidewater Keep’s supplies had been decimated. Evian tended to his husbandly duties, while Pharis attempted to salvage what he could of the remains. Kaeldur, preferring to sleep on the ocean, swam back to the Falling Leaf, but met with a pack of hungry Sahaugin pets. The sharks tore him to shreds, nearly killing him while the Witch looked on. Unfortunately, this would not be his only trial tonight. Soon after the Keep began to settle in for the night, a mist rolled into the cove. Lady Isabella “Inkskin” Locke brought her ship, the Thresher, into Tidewater Cove, her intentions clear, her motivations not as much. She assaulted the weary defenders, and found little resistance. Meanwhile, Kaeldur fought fiercely with her First Mate, and eked out a slim victory. Pharis brushed with death for the second time, while Isabella charmed Evian into peace. Pharis came to, and tried to rally the battered Tidewater Guard, but found only Sergeant at Arms Royster willing. They bravely(foolishly? -KB) swam into the shark infested waters, and climbed aboard the enemy ship. Meanwhile, Isabella was negotiating with Lady Smythee over control of Tidewater Rock and the Falling Leaf. Suddenly, the Thresher burst into flames, and Pharis and Royster were seen fleeing the blaze in a longboat. Isabella ordered ballistas to open fire, and the longboat was readily destroyed. Pharis managed to escape the waiting teeth of the hungry sharks, but Royster quickly fell victim to a springal arrow volley. Enraged at the death of her most loyal servant, Smythee attacked Isabella, piercing her heart with a single rapier thrust. Freed from Isabella’s spell, Evian took control of the sorceress’ crew and ship.

Damn Near Free
The crew began repairs on both ships immediately, and restored Tidewater Keep’s supplies from the newly commandeered vessel. Pharis found a cryptic treasure map tattooed on Isabella’s back, and set to copying it. After poring over the map, the crew was able to decipher the riddle. It pointed to Mancatcher Cove – an infamous trap for treasure hunters. Undaunted by its deadly history, Evian ordered the crew aboard, and set sail to seek the Old King’s Hoard.



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